Lexmark Impact S301 برامج حمل مجاناً (ver. 2.­0)

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Lexmark Impact S301 (ver. 2.­0) معروض 2012.07.25.

تم تحميل الملف 0 مرة و تم مشاهدته 1135 مرة.

الفئة مدمج(متعدد الوظائف)
العلامة التجارية Lexmark
الجهاز Impact S301
أنظمة التشغيل Mac OS 10.x
النسخة 2.­0
حجم الملف 80 Mb
معروض 2012.07.25
إبحت و حمل

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Driver for Lexmark Impact S301 Printer Driver for Mac 0S 10.­3.­x,­ Mac 0S 10.­4.­x,­ Mac 0S 10.­5.­x,­ Mac 0S 10.­6.­x This package contains multiple updates for the Lexmark S300 Series Mac OS X 10.­6 installer.­ Additions: Lexmark Application folder alias on the dock Note: The Lexmark S300-S400 Series folder alias has been removed from the desktop.­ New Edit Device application for managing USB-attached and networked Lexmark all-in-one printers Changes: 'Lexmark All-In-One Center scanner' application is renamed to 'Scan Center' 'AIO Setup Utility' application is renamed to 'Printer Settings' New Install flow for Print queue creation Location of Lexmark applications and web links are moved to [Main HD]/­Applications/­Lexmark folder Fixes/­updates for this release: Reduced PDF file sizes and image dimension sizes 'No device detected' issue with Apple's Image Capture Application when using the Auto Document Feeder is now fixed Auto-cropping is now turned off by default using the Scan Center application

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